Getting out of virtual

Dear friends,

Thank you for all the support/impatience/distress e-mails you sent to the Club these last months because our blog wasn’t updated. So I would like as an answer to share some personal reflections.
The actual reason why this website has been asleep for almost three months is that I am just coming back from a trip into the centre of the Old Continent, and it was an opportunity to get free from this mental prison called Internet.
By the way, during this vacancy, I had the chance to spend few days in Wien the majestic, and beyond my amazement for this city, I noticed one thing there. When the night starts to fall, it is stunning to see such crowds of well-dressed people walking to opera, theatre or concerts. I really saw a developed culture of “arts on stage”.
Yet, we believe that in these times of all digital (which you can’t touch…) and all virtual, it is a revolutionary act to go out and attend to some live performance. Live is life! Virtual progress abolishes time and space? Let’s reinstate time and space! Instead of zapping 8600 mp3 on i-tunes, let’s take some time to go and see. Communion rather than consumption! A ritual works only if you take part in it, magical versus virtual.

So, dear friends, no the Lutetia Dandy Club isn’t dead, and we exhort you to live in the real world! Though too constant updates could imply an addiction to virtual, we will go on posting here but following a chaotic schedule as usual!

Torlak // LDC webmaster
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