Pour mesdames : Mes Dames - printemps 2012

MES DAMES est une marque franco-suédoise de prêt-à-porter féminin crée à Paris en 2009: "MES DAMES creates feminine fashion in the intersection of the clean Nordic and the sensual of the French. With materials of good quality and good fit, we want to give each carrier a sense of uniqueness and elegance. The expression is timeless, modern classic, and each collection runs a thread. We believe in a sustainable way to build up a wardrobe in which parts from different collections always can be combined to create a new whole. It is a philosophy that also cares about a more sustainable fashion in which the quality of the garments, cut and elegance make them modern for a longer period of time. MES DAMES was founded in Paris 2009 by Lisa Wikander, and launched their first collection in stores for the autumn / winter 2009."

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