Oda Relicta - Holy alliance (2009)

Oda Relicta est un groupe neoclassique Ukrainien, leur musique se veut à la fois martiale et liturgique. Leur nouvel album vient de paraître chez Neuropa Records.

"Slavonic faithful hymns and sacred marches alongside utopian neo-folk round-dances and neo-classical impromptu of odesque grace. Orthodox solemnities, ancient tablatures, military salutes and Ukrainian Insurgent Army memorabilia, folkish Cossack battle dances and gallant hints at ever the greatest classics. Oda Relicta pay a tribute to all History and Arts devotees. Refined merging of cross-cultural relics into solemn pieces with precious assistance of Chamber Orchestra and Military Brass Orchestra. We bid you welcome to realms of supreme artistic power and fields of spiritual fertility. In the name of the Ploughman long live the King!"

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